Cavallino 29: Jet Reception

The Jet reception made its return to the Cavallino Classic after a 2-year hiatus and was hosted by Signature Flight Support out of Boca Raton. The weather proved to be dreary with gray skies and rain, but the event was enjoyable with comfortable temperatures, great food and good music.

The cars started rolling in before the rain started to fall heavily. The vast majority of the cars in attendance were modern with the only real classic being a yellow Dino, which won people’s choice.

As an enthusiast of both motorsport and aviation, the jet reception was a pretty cool event to cover. There is nothing cooler than a bunch of Ferraris being presented against a backdrop of corporate jets with planes taking off and landing every 10 minutes. With vehicles ranging from a 512M, to a 550 Maranello, to a 488 Pista, the event drew a nice variety of cars.

My favorite car of this gathering was the 812 Superfast shown below, in Blu Scozia Opaco, truly a unique color that looks amazing over its red interior. The color is reminiscent of the car that Stirling Moss drove throughout the 1960’s. I’ve never been a huge fan of the 812, but this particular spec changed my mind about the car as one could truly appreciate its lines.

Despite the rain, it was a good turn out and people had a great time. I look forward to covering this event again next year and only hope for better weather and maybe a larger dose of the classics. Is a row of a few 250 GTO’s too much to ask for?

The Signature Cup winner by people’s choice:

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