Cavallino 29: Track Days at PBIR

The Cavallino 29 celebration began, as always, with two track days at Palm Beach International Raceway. Thursday was a private test day and Friday was open to the public. In sharp contrast to previous editions of Cavallino, 2020 saw very few historic cars on hand and the public was instead greeted by the more modern Challenge race cars.

Both days were also filled with long spells of heavy rain, which kept crowd activity in check. For me, the weather conditions provided opportunities to capture some unique images. It’s always bittersweet shooting in the rain, but I think this time it was more on the sweet side. Having a mix of the 488, 430 and even 360 Challenge cars was a cool sight to see.

Fortunately, the rain stopped at times and the sun came out for what seemed to be minutes at a time, making it possible to get nice light to shoot this beautiful 1952 212 PF Export Cabriolet. This shade of blue was stunning and was glad the weather cooperated when it showed up at the track.

One of the coolest things about the Cavallino track days is the appearance of non-Ferrari automobiles. Whether road cars or competition cars, you can be certain that every year there will be a surprise waiting in the paddock. This year’s surprise, for me at least, was the appearance of a Mclaren Senna GTR. The Gulf livery fit this car exceptionally well and it was a treat to see it do a few laps around the track and see its details when it was in the paddock.

Aside from the Senna GTR there was also a Jaguar C-Type in the paddock, which later went on the track and did a couple of laps alongside the 430 Challenge cars.

There was also a stunning Alfa Romeo 8C that went around the track a couple of times and I’m still beating myself up for not capturing it at speed, you can’t get them all I guess. Nevertheless, it was very cool to see all of the car’s details as it sat in place in the paddock.

Seeing and hearing the Challenge cars is always a unique experience. Even more so because these are folks who are so passionate about motorsport. So much so, that taking a normal Ferrari around the track just isn’t enough. They want the full racing experience and what better way to satisfy the need to go fast-er than with a Challenge car.

Still, there are also people who just enjoy driving their car around the track, getting some lunch and driving home in style and comfort, as was the case with the gentleman shown below.

I think this is what Ferrari ownership is all about and it’s what the Cavallino gatherings are meant to celebrate, kudos to you sir!

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