Private Automotive/Aircraft/Watercraft Shoot

Photography On-Location (No Lighting): $200/hr

Photography On-Location (With Lighting): $300/hr

Photography In-Studio: $300/hr (plus studio rental fee)

Photo editing: $95/hr

Photography Daily Flat-Rate (8-Hour Booking): $1400

Auction/Bring-A-Trailer/For Sale: $800

**Private shoots include a license to print images for personal use up to a limit size of 24″x36″.**

Commercial/Corporate Shoot

I provide commercial/corporate clients customized quotes that include the option to purchase a full-release license or a limited-release license for all content priced in accordance with the projected use of images.

If you are a dealership, rental/charter company, storage facility, show promoter, or work in the automotive, boating and aviation industry I am happy to discuss your project. Please contact me with your scope of work for a detailed quote.

Publishing Services

Book design, copy writing and copy editing: $125/hr

Publishing: Cost dependent on chosen publisher/printer

Service Add-Ons

Car-to-Car rolling shoot: $175

Air-to-Air aircraft shoot: $250

Boat-to-Boat watercraft shoot: $250