Cavallino 29: Tour of Palm Beach and The Royal Reception

The Tour of Palm Beach is a staple event of the Cavallino Classic and one that many participants take advantage of. It is a culinary tour of the town with stops at some of Palm Beach’s finest establishments. This year’s designated stops were Sailfish, Ferretti, Chanel and a final stop at The Royal for an evening reception. The honorary grid starter for Cavallino 29 was none other than Luca Dal Monte, author of Enzo Ferrari’s biography.

The Breakers resort is an amazing backdrop to start off the tour. You never really know what cars are going to show up so it’s always a good idea to run back to The Breakers after spending the morning at the track. This year’s line-up did not disappoint.

Without a doubt, the most unique car present at the tour was the one-of SP30 shown below, based on the 599 GTO. The car made headlines when it was first released as part of Ferrari’s special projects department in 2012. It has the same winglets as the 599XX, the tail lights from a 599 and the headlights from a 488. Truly a unique take on the 599 wheelbase.

As Luca sent off the last car on the tour, I decided to head to Ferretti to cover the stop there. They had a terrific spread inside with refreshing drinks and there was plenty of parking for the cars to settle in.

As the cars rolled in for their designated stop, it was pretty cool seeing classics alongside the modern cars. The contrast in models and colors made for an interesting mix of photo opportunities and the light could not have been more perfect.

As the cars departed for their next stop I headed over to the reception at The Royal to await their arrival. As the cars arrived and were guided in, I was able to get a few more snaps before finally being able to sit down and enjoy some of the fabulous food and drink. After days of continued rain, it was a perfect evening and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.

I think next year I will cover the stop at Sailfish. I hear the food to be had is fabulous and I can only hope the opportunity to capture cool images will be just as good.

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