Das Renn Treffen 2020: The Main Event

DRT capped its 4-day celebration with their flagship show on Sunday, dubbed the biggest Porsche event in South Florida. The awesome weather for this year’s event brought out a record crowd and an exquisite array of cars.

Just to give you an idea of the cars that came out, I met up with the folks over at Garage 26 and rolled with them to the show for the early set-up. They brought along a 993 GT2, 993 RS, 993 Turbo S, 964 RS 3.8, C4 Lightweight, Carrera GT and a 924 GTS. If you know Porsche, you know these are amongst the rarest cars to ever come out of Stuttgart.

Once we reached the show, I went around looking for some more gems to capture and there seemed to be one at every corner. I was happy to see an orange 993 GT2 that was there last year, as well as the 1966 911S that won Best of Show last year. However, I was particularly thrilled to see 2 cars wearing colors I had not captured before, a Riviera Blue 993 and a Red 904.

As the show neared the official opening, I made a quick loop around the field to shoot the cars without too many people in the background. I started off by taking this shot of the Garage 26 cars all set-up. Even though I’m extremely familiar with these since I shot all of them for my book, I never get tired of shooting them.

I then made my way through all the Porsche-filled streets and got a bunch of pretty neat shots. I started off with the classics because they speak a little bit more to me than the more modern cars, with the exception of the 80s cars which are my absolute favorites. The decision was hard, but my favorite vintage Porsche was a gorgeous 911 painted in Irish Green.

The 1980s cars that came out to the show were nothing short of spectacular, starting with the safari/rally cars. Apart from the Kelly-Moss cars that showed up at the cars & coffee and the cars that were at the mud track, two other rally cars showed up, including a very cool Martini car. I also saw a very cool DP Motorsport racer and a Kremer racer that would have been my favorites. However, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Slantnose cars and I was very happy to see an original factory Slantnose car with gold and silver BBS wheels, what a beauty!

Making my way further down I came across all the modern cars and found a few that I thought were pretty unique, including a couple of GT2’s, and two very cool 964’s, one which was mint green. I also spotted the very cool RWB cars, and this year my favorite was the one that was painted in an awesome deep purple.

All-in-all, the 4-day DRT 2020 celebration was a success and when all was said and done at the end of Sunday’s show, the C4 Lightweight from the Garage 26 collection took home Best of Show. Well deserved!

Year in and year out, the show continues to get better and better. All the volunteers that make the show possible always step up and deliver. Can’t wait to see what next year has in store!

…OH!, AND BY THE WAY! keep an eye out for the DRT 2020 book coming your way this Fall!

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