Das Renn Treffen 2020: Cars & Coffee at The Collection

Saturday’s car & coffee gathering was held at The Collection in Coral Gables. I got there a little early because I like capturing cars on the road as they arrive, lucky for me I was on the correct side of the street to catch these guys coming in.

The cars & coffee gathering took over 4 blocks around The Collection. There was also no predetermined order for the cars to line up, so you got to see cars from the 70s and 80s weaved in between the more modern cars. My favorite cars to capture are the older cars as I feel they have a little bit more character, even though the shape of the 911 has remained virtually the same for decades.

It’s always very cool to attend shows that are dedicated to a single brand because you get the chance to see all the similarities and differences from car to car. Wether they are the same model, from the same year or rolled out of the factory one behind the other, they are almost never the same.

One of the main attractions during DRT 2020 was Rod Emory’s 356 Outlaw driven by none other than the man himself. I had seen this car all over Instagram when it was completed and had been wanting to see it in person. It made an appearance at the track on Friday, but because I was at the mud track capturing all the action from the rally/safari cars, I totally missed it.

Other main draws of the cars & coffee were the Kelly-Moss rally/safari cars, and the 911’s from Singer and Gunther Werks. The Gunther 911 was probably my second favorite car next to Rod’s 356 Outlaw. The color is so unique and the owner was a pretty cool gent to talk to. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Singers as well, but the Gunther car was just too cool.

There were a few other cars that caught my eye like the gorgeous 911 IROC RSR in an amazing shade of blue. There was also a pretty cool 993 Ruf that came out to the show last year as well, and of course a couple of 964’s that were just drop-dead cool.

It’s safe to say that Saturday’s cars & coffee was a great preview of Sunday’s main event. I wish the weather would have been nicer, as it still rained on and off, but the clouds made for the colors on all the cars to pop nicely. It was a win!

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