Cavallino 29: Sunday at Mar-a-Lago

The Classic Sports Sunday celebration of Cavallino 29 was held, once again, at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, FL. This year’s gathering was regaled with terrific weather in sharp contrast to last year’s stormy and windy event. There was a great line-up overall with terrific examples of some of the world’s most coveted cars.

The event also celebrated 110 years of Alfa Romeo and as such a few prime examples made their way onto the show field as shown below. Among the nicest Alfa’s was a 1934 Tipo B P3 ‘Don Lee Special’ (which won the Finest Competition award) and a pretty unique 1949 6C 2500 SS in navy blue with a red interior.

My favorite car of the show (which won best of show) was a 1937 Cadillac V-16 Series 90 Hartmann Cabriolet. At first glance, I thought this car was a Delahaye, but closer inspection proved me wrong. Originally bodied in Switzerland by Carrosserie Hartmann, this car won the Most Elegant Convertible award at Pebble in 2018. Probably the longest car I’ve ever seen, I can only imagine what it would look like going down the road at full speed.

As in years past, the rest of the show field included luxury cars from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. This year, Packards and Rolls-Royces lined the green alongside some other unique cars, like a mint green 1948 Daimler DE36 and a black 1936 Classic Cord Sportsman.

Also present at Sunday’s show were some of the Ferraris that were on display at The Breakers on Saturday. Among them was the 735 S Monza Scaglietti that won the Competition Class, 250 GT LWB TDF and 500 TR. Also present were two 410 Superamericas and a GTE 2+2.

All in all the Classic Sports Sunday show was a great success. The charity luncheon was terrific and the awards presented went to some well-deserving cars. As always, the camaraderie with fellow photographers and enthusiasts make this event a can’t-miss every year. Until next year!

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